• 24 Jun 2024 to 29 Jun 2024
  • 06 days
  • On-Site | London
  • Certificate by CEPT University
  • INR 55500 + GST
    (Program fee is exclusive of the cost of travel, accommodation, and food)
  • Designed for academics, those interested in architectural education, and heads of institutions who are keen to engage with and learn about global architectural educational practices, standards, and works.


In June 2024, CEPT University will lead a certificate program in London on Global Practices in Architectural Education for those interested in architecture, planning, and design education. The program will focus on visits to the annual summer exhibitions showcasing student works in central London's many architecture and design schools. The tour will provide the opportunity to critically review student work and engage with fellow academics to review London's varied teaching and learning programs. This will enable the participants to see some of the best practices and view them in the Indian context. As a part of this programme, a half-day discussion with a few tutors from London colleges will be held to learn more about design education and share participants’ views. The program will also include a guided walking tour of The Olympic Park to learn how the 2012 Olympic Games started a decade-long process of regeneration and transformation of the previously rundown area of East London. The walk will include visiting London’s ‘East Bank’, a new cultural and learning district in the city.

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Program Faculty

Steven Smith

Architect & Urbanist
Director, urbannarrative

A Srivathsan

Urban Designer and Architectural Scholar
Head, Centre for Research in Architecture and Urbanism, CRDF

Program Structure

This Six-day On-site Advance Exposure Program in London will focus on the following:

  • On these days, the focus will be on visiting student works from the many schools of architecture and design in London. Students and academics from the schools will also be invited to engage with each other to compare alternative forms of academic structure, teaching methodologies, and the types of studio and academic courses offered by each institution.

  • On the morning of day three, the tour focus shifts to exploring continuity and change in the City where Roman London was founded in AD43. The City has prospered as a center of business and trade for two thousand years despite periods of abandonment and many episodes of catastrophic destruction. The themes to be explored will include the presence of the past, the future of the city, and planning and governance. In the afternoon, the focus returns to reviewing student work further.

  • A group discussion during the afternoon of day six will provide the opportunity to discuss findings and ideas discovered during the tour and to share ideas about how these findings and ideas might be translated for application in the Indian context.

  • The eastern side of London was traditionally the poorer side—an urban landscape of docks, industry, worker’s housing, and communities. The East End has been transformed over many decades as London transformed into a largely post-industrial economy. The new financial district of Canary Wharf and the Olympic Games-led regeneration of the Lea Valley are the most striking responses to this process of urban change. We will be critically assessing these urban transformations during a series of guided walks and visits. The walking tour will conclude with a group dinner in the evening.

Applications and Admissions

This program is designed for academics, those interested in architectural education, and heads of institutions who are keen to engage with and learn about global architectural educational practices, standards, and works.

For the program, participants are required to pay the cost of Travel, Visa, Travel Insurance, Accommodation, and Food separately. Participants are required to book accommodation at the CPP-identified place since it will help better coordination and programme management. Participants can make arrangements or use the CEPT travel desk for these purposes. CPP will issue support letters for visa purpose

Applications are open. The deadline for this program is indicative. All applications will be considered as they are received, and seats will be allotted on a first come first serve basis. Admissions will be closed once all seats are full.

Participants will receive a certificate from CEPT University on successful completion of the program.

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