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Explore learning opportunities that help you stay updated and relevant in the current knowledge-based global context. Select from our diverse course offerings from across disciplines of built environment and engage with the top faculty from CEPT University in a real-time learning environment.



Tailored learning programs designed to bridge specific knowledge, skill and capability gaps within public and private sector organizations in the urban sector. The programs are developed and delivered by sector experts emphasizing collaborative learning and peer-to-peer exchanges.



Proven topic-focused programs across built-environment disciplines


Live learning with distinguished faculty from CEPT University and global experts, on campus and online


Learning approaches combining interactive lectures, case studies and peer-to-peer exchanges


Certificate from CEPT University and membership to CEPT's global alumni network

Hear from Past Learners

Amit Chatterjee

Assistant Professor at VSSUT-Burla | From Digital Documentation of Built Heritage (Batch-1), January 2023

The program of Digital Documentation of Built Heritage was very well curated and conducted. The program's well-planned chronology and teaching methodology accommodated participants from various domains. The hands-on sessions and multiple assignments supplemented our theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Every session by the experts was followed by an interactive session, and the tutor's support was invaluable.

Rama Raghavan

Independent Architectural Writer | From Writing (Alongside) Architecture , July- August 2023

Writing (Alongside) Architecture is valuable for anyone passionate about writing for the built environment. The format seamlessly blended interactive sessions with experts and notable writers along with detailed feedback sessions on individual writings. Mentors identified the strength of each piece, and gave pointed feedback to refine the write-up with each draft. This program significantly refined my writing skills and confidence, providing a solid foundation for a career in writing and potential future collaborations with peers.  

Digant Shah

Civil Engineer | From Introduction to Geographic Information System (Batch-1), June 2023

This GIS program has been a wonderful learning experience and I recommend this program to all professionals related to the built environment. It's well-crafted structure is exceptionally beneficial, catering to both experts and beginners facilitating a thorough understanding of GIS processes and applications. The program combined valuable learning on geospatial technology, it's application, remote sensing, creating maps etc. Initially, as someone not particularly tech-savy, I had reservations, but the supportive team provided excellent guidance, especially in mastering the ArcGIS Pro software. 

Shriya Rajwade

Conservation Architect | From Digital Documentation of Built Heritage (Batch-2) , July 2023

The program was conducted on-site and included theoretical and practical knowledge of various digital documentation practices like GIS, photogrammetry, 3D LIDAR etc. that will shape the future of heritage documentation. It expanded my knowledge and equipped me with the skills needed as a heritage professional to excel in this evolving field. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the tutors for their guidance throughout the program.

Shazia Haris

Architect | From Writing (Alongside) Architecture, July-August 2023

This program has provided me with a valuable opportunity to both refine and critique my writing skills. It helped me kick-start my writing journey. The mentors and guest lectures have done a fantastic job in guiding me, giving me time to assess my work, and boosting my confidence. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to either rekindle their passion for writing or start the creative journey. 

Dr. Vartika Pant

Senior Research Associate at National Innovation Foundation | From Introduction to Geographic Information System (Batch-1), June 2023

The well-designed structure of this program has been exceptionally empowering. We acquired the skills to create maps, identify locations, and grasp the immense potential of GIS. The dedication demonstrated by Dr. Shaily and her team throughout the program was truly remarkable. 

Akshaya Ganesan

Architect | From Introduction to Geographic Information System (Batch-1), June 2023

The program combined valuable theory with practical hands-on applications. We delved into various concepts, including geospatial policy, applications, and remote sensing, gaining a comprehensive understanding. Learning ArcGIS Pro software from the basics and mastering the art of extracting maps and developing data was incredibly beneficial.

Bilal Shah

Archaeologist | From Digital Documentation of Built Heritage (Batch-2) , July 2023

The workshop was invaluable for archaeologists, offering wonderful insights into seamlessly integrating digital technologies with archeology. I gained valuable knowledge about non-destructive tools such as drones and LiDAR, applicable to excavation and digital conservation.  

Jaspreet Singh Sandhu

Architect | From Introduction to Geographic Information System (Batch-1), June 2023

Participating in the GIS program broadened my understanding to the vast potential of GIS and how it enables us to create map layouts and conduct GIS mapping with ease. The Program provided a user friendly approach, making it easy to grasp and apply this new technology. 

Esha Jaiswal

Architect | From Writing (Alongside) Architecture, July-August 2023

W(A)A program turned me into a confident and proactive writer with valuable skills and supportive peer community. Engaging with renowned contemporary writers and the expert guidance of tutors refined my abstract concepts into polished essays. 

Aanchal Mehta

Training Associate, INTACH Heritage Academy at Delhi

The program's well-structured curriculum offers a thorough exploration of wooden heritage conservation, blending theory and practical skills effectively. Expert instructors provide insightful perspectives on challenges, while hands-on sessions enable real-world application. I highly recommend this program to heritage conservation enthusiasts. I appreciate the course's emphasis on sustainability and cultural significance, fostering a holistic approach to heritage conservation. The networking opportunities with fellow participants and experts proved invaluable in fostering a supportive community.

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